Membership Management Solution

Capture every touchpoint in the consumer journey


Deconstructing first-party customer data

Advertising data never seems to match actual orders? Can't directly access first-party transaction data of sales channels? 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers. Only by successfully deconstructing first-party data can the highest value customer groups be identified and targeted.


Accurately grasp customer needs


Customer-oriented strategy

Aggregate data from website, physical stores, and third-party shopping platforms, transform unknown customer information into tangible data. Set predefined modules for each dimension, and effectively allocate resources across various channels.


Acquire new customers

Segment key customers and activate interactions and purchases to increase customer retention rate and lifetime value. Communicate with new customers through various media channels and guide sales across different platforms to stimulate growth in new customer numbers.


Personalized experience

A customer-centric omnichannel sales strategy that targets user journey breakpoints at the right time and place based on customer needs. From website, app to physical stores, customers will receive a tailor-made personalized experience.

Core application


User identification

Integrate Google technology and cross-device tracking for user identification, connect data breakpoints between customer lists and paid traffic, effectively consolidate member IDs and user data trails, and differentiate user behavior between members and non-members.


Smart tagging

Using the RFM model and AI analysis for customer labeling, companies can interact and automate marketing effectively based on customer lifetime value and product preferences, fully deploying business opportunities.


Consumer intention insight

Through the user behavior on the official website (GA4), AI will identify user attributes and use the customer repurchase list as the basis to advanced predict potential purchasing motivations, and proactively layout the most effective combinations of products, channels, and media communication channels.

Data-driven membership management strategy

With the increasing diversity of business channels, all data sources must be accurately linked to customer information and actual sales so that brands can effectively allocate resources.

One-stop data integration
Omnichannel automated marketing
Flexible and dynamic visualization charts

Cleaning and integrating data from multiple sources such as website (GA4), physical stores, e-commerce, and advertising platforms, allowing businesses to directly access the cleanest data and drive membership management strategies.


Start to build data-driven membership solutions