ADNEX is a data strategy service established by the international company Kdan Mobile. With over 200 million users worldwide, Kdan Mobile leverages its global advertising distribution, cross-platform user acquisition experience, and data-driven decision-making to assist enterprises in their digital transformation.


Strategy service

ADNEX offers data-driven professional solutions and consulting services specializing in data integration, analysis, and omnichannel marketing strategies. We assist brands in taking stock of their resources, integrating them comprehensively, increasing their exposure, and maximizing the business value of their enterprise data.


Brand core

At our core, we specialize in data cleaning and analysis, accurately mapping out data, member, and media marketing strategies to effectively drive business growth and earn continuous recognition from numerous brand clients.


Our vision

ADNEX is committed to breaking the traditional advertising channel mindset. We have in-depth expertise to break down needs, explore various possibilities for business strategies, and grow together with our clients!

Office Locations


5F-C., No.1-4, Zhonghua Rd., Yongkang District, Tainan City 710, Taiwan

T. +886-6-3131660

F. +886-6-3130835

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