Data Integration Solutions

Master multiple channels of data to drive your growth engine


How to establish an effective proprietary database?

Data-driven decision-making has become a visible trend in enterprise management. However, before investing in data analysis and application, the first step for enterprises is to ensure that they collect the "right" data, to avoid risks and resource waste caused by ineffective data.


Omnichannel data integration


Cross-channel data source cleaning and integration

From GA4, advertising channels, owned social communities, e-commerce platforms, to membership systems, ADNEX helps businesses clarify data sources, establish a trustworthy exclusive database.


Comprehensive online and offline strategy

Around the business goals of the brand, ADNEX sorts and constructs a complete data ecosystem, combines customer data platforms (CDP), business intelligence (BI), AI and automated marketing to obtain user data across online and offline channels.


Multi-channel data interface

Integrating with major CRM, CDP, e-commerce platforms, and various media channels, ADNEX captures the key conversion moments in online and offline activities, completes the final piece of the puzzle for OMO integration.

Core appliations


Cross-platform tracking

ADNEX has mature cross-platform data tracking technology, which connects internal and external data breakpoints, from GA4, paid media channels, official websites/Apps, owned social communities, orders, to POS and CRM membership systems.


Data middleware construction

From data collection, cleaning, analysis to application, our professional data consultants ensure the integrity of data, and assist you in building a data middleware. Even with the phasing out of third-party cookies, businesses can still strategize based on their own databases.


GA4 implementation

ADNEX can assist you in fully migrating from the old version of Google Analytics to GA4. We optimize trigger conditions, parameters, and goal settings according to your business operations, maximize GA4 functions, expand analysis dimensions, and enable you to effectively grasp performance data from various channels of your official website and app.


Highly flexible visualized reports

ADNEX provides highly flexible and diverse visualized reports that can be integrated with Data Studio, PowerBI, and more. We support businesses in establishing custom reports, correctly interpreting data, and constructing a comprehensive perspective on business strategy.

Maximizing sales, traffic, and membership value

With data cleansing as the core, ADNEX integrates multi-channel data, analyzes business performance, unleashes the maximum value of enterprise data, and expands business applications.

Data collection
Integrated analysis
Model implementation
Automation application

From GA4 website behavior, payment, logistics, to customer's in-store and e-commerce footprints, we assist businesses in clarifying the data sources and using accurate data to drive decision-making perspectives.


Creating data-driven marketing solutions