Media Integration Solution

Accurate attribution, optimal budget allocation


Smart strategies for the cookieless era

With the advent of the cookieless era, if enterprise data is still scattered across advertising platforms and various agencies without a unified standard for evaluating effectiveness, it may misjudge the true source of revenue and misallocate budgets. Only by using clean data and accurate attribution can one truly grasp the key to success.


Data-driven marketing strategy


Omnichannel marketing

Breaking down the barriers between online and offline channels, using clean data, precise member profiles, and diverse media channels to extend personalized experiences to physical stores, creating a complete integration of virtual and real marketing scenes.


Uncovering potential needs

Through segmented communication on specific topics and testing new audiences with advertising, we can understand users' true interests and consumption intentions from performance data.


Personalized content remarketing

A customer-centric omnichannel sales strategy that recommends the most suitable products by entering user journey breakpoints at the right time and in the right context.

Core application


Attribution model

ADNEX integrates and imports data from official websites, GA4, apps, advertising media, and social channels to assist businesses in establishing exclusive attribution models. This enables accurate analysis of media contribution, tracking of channel effectiveness, and allocation of truly effective budgets to reach customers with precision.


Ad placement

By leveraging user digital footprints and data attribution, ADNEX can assist businesses in focusing on the best ad placement combinations and planning cross-platform paid traffic comprehensively.


Key Dynamic Data Report (KDDR)

Through the "Key Dynamic Data Report" , integrating GA4 data with diverse media channels such as Google, Facebook, LINE, etc., develop content strategies that match the user journey, and assist brands in capturing customer mindshare through word-of-mouth marketing, social interaction, KOL/KOC channels, and other means.

Data-driven media integration strategy

Analyzing clean data and developing precise marketing strategies, or using data insights to review and optimize strategies based on advertising effectiveness, companies can leverage their own data to create a positive brand cycle.

One-stop data integration
App development and data processing technology
Brand consulting services
Flexible and adaptable visual charts

Cleaning and integrating data from multiple sources such as websites (GA4), proprietary social media, and advertising platforms, allowing businesses to directly access the cleanest data and drive media integration business strategies.


Creating data-driven marketing solutions