Data-driven Marketing

Create custom solutions for enterprises, maximizing product sales, channel traffic, and member value across all channels.


Data-driven solutions


Data Integration

Data governance is the core of enterprise decision-making. If enterprise data is scattered and inaccurate, it will only result in resource waste and ineffective applications.
ADNEX helps enterprises build high-value growth strategies with data at the core.

  • Cross-platform data integration
  • Data middleware construction
  • GA4 implementation
  • Highly flexible visual reporting

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Membership Management

ADNEX uses GA4 to collect, analyze, and predict website/app and platform data through optimal media channels to reach new customers, and formulate cross-channel purchase strategies through customer segmentation to improve customer retention rates and customer quality.

  • User identification
  • Customer segmentation and membership labeling
  • Product sales and repurchase prediction

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Media Integration

Enterprises will no longer be able to conduct accurate marketing in the cookieless era.
ADNEX integrates data from advertising platforms, evaluates effectiveness through proprietary attribution models, and allocates budgets to improve integrated marketing efficiency, driving product sales.

  • Attribution models
  • Full-funnel digital media placement
  • Content media integration

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Maximizing the business value of enterprise data


Introducing ADNEX services

ADNEX is able to assist businesses in leveraging first-party data to create a high-growth, flexible and exclusive solution in data, membership and integrated marketing, by integrating and analyzing data to provide precise marketing strategies, or by starting with marketing effectiveness and building upward with data insights.
Inventory of customer needs and data
Deployment of solution
Strategy implementation: data integration, membership management, media integration
Performance analysis and data insights
Strategy adjustment and optimization recommendations

Succesful Stories

A mother and baby product brand increase website traffic by 53%

The mother and baby brand had limited sales conversion and ad conversion on media channels. Through GA analysis, ADNEX helped to clarify the conversion breakpoints and advertising funnel. As a result, the website traffic increased by 53%, the number of new customer transactions increased by 50%, and the revenue increased by 38%.


A e-commerce site saw average monthly revenue increase by 1.5 times

The health supplement e-commerce site launched a new brand and needed to improve engagement and online conversion, using ADNEX's traffic data validation and KOL/KOC marketing strategies, seeing an average monthly revenue increase of 1.5 times, a new product launch revenue increase of 1.8 times, and a growth of 200% in transaction volume.


A beauty clinic saw a 40% decrease in advertising costs

Media exposure and advertising placement of the medical beauty industry are restricted, and advertising costs remain high. ADNEX analyzed the Facebook advertising data and the client's industry characteristics, resulting in an overall 40% decrease in advertising costs. Additionally, the cost for advertising in a single region was reduced by 1.3 times.


A home goods site saw a 117% growth in organic website traffic

Shifting from B2B to B2C, the client 's sales performance for a single flagship product had hit a ceiling.ADNEX helped to analyze website and GA data, restructuring product sales and brand communication strategy, resulting in a 20x growth in ROAS, a 40% increase in average order value, and a 117% increase in organic website traffic.


Creating data-driven marketing solutions