Data Analysis

Extracting business value from massive data


Extracting data value to drive business opportunities

Many enterprises have diverse and massive amounts of data, but often struggle with how to approach them and fail to extract real value. ADNEX will assist enterprises in collecting, connecting, integrating, and analyzing data from various systems, mining potential trends from data and formulating precise business decisions.

Diverse Data Analysis
Member analysis
By analyzing transaction data, customer information and member tags, ADNEX can design communication strategies tailored to the preferences and behavioral characteristics of each segmented customer group.
Traffic analysis
Cross-checking traffic data from various channels; deconstructing changes in on-site traffic and optimizing user experience.
Product sales analysis
Analyze data related to product sales, procurement, inventory management, etc., and use product data to set prices and plan production/sales strategies.
Identify key conversion points
Analyze conversion actions in the consumer journey to establish more accurate algorithmic tags, performance predictions, and budget allocations.



Data quality diagnosis and optimization

Various unstructured data pose challenges in terms of storage, application, and governance. ADNEX assists businesses in mastering data quality by ensuring correct and complete data transformation and analyzing operational process data.


Mastering member data assets

Customers and members are important data assets for businesses. Analyzing membership data helps to understand key paths in the customer journey and reactivate members through personalized and segmented communication strategies, leading to continuous value growth.


Tailor-made exclusive solutions

By conducting in-depth needs interviews to understand the business goals, we design exclusive data analysis solutions, visualized reports, and application modules, unleashing the long-term value of enterprise data.


Flexible visual charts and graphs

A flexible and customizable dashboard, collecting first-party data, interactive behaviors, and advertising performance, establishing performance reports based on different contexts, and providing a 360-degree insight, not missing any sales conversion touchpoints.


Creating data-driven marketing solutions