GA4 Implementation

Key to activating first-party data


Early deployment, seamless integration

GA is about to be upgraded to GA4, and data tools that can integrate website and app data will become a trend. In addition to the need to deploy first-party data to the new version of GA4 and familiarize oneself with its features in advance, for businesses and brand owners, it is more important to iterate past data thinking in order to refine business value.

Deploying first-party data center through GA4
Data collection
Inventory all settings of the old version of GA, the media and marketing tools, and confirm the data sources and projects that need to be imported.
Strategy management
Help clarify strategic goals and operational indicators, ensure that the tracking events and behaviors of GA4 are in line with the goals.
Data integration
Embed GA4 tracking and event codes, optimize trigger conditions and parameter collection, and integrate user identification through Google signals to ensure the accuracy of imported data.
Data application
ADNEX includes media performance insights, the GA4 e-commerce module, membership analysis module, and sales analysis module, etc., to help enterprises utilize first-party data to improve their business perspective.



360-degree depiction of a three-dimensional user journey

ADNEX integrates and imports data from official websites/GA4, apps, advertising media, social channels, etc., to help businesses establish exclusive attribution models, allocate truly effective budgets, and accurately reach customers, presenting a 360-degree panoramic view of the user journey.


Deconstruct traffic and enhance website value

Based on GA4's basic events and report dimension indicators, ADNEX's professional data consultants will help to deconstruct traffic data, trace back advertising effectiveness from traffic data, and optimize user experience through website traffic changes.


Tailored enterprise solution

Customize exclusive GA4 implementation plan, event tracking, visualized reports, and application modules for enterprises by conducting in-depth needs interviews to understand their business goals.


Flexible visual charts and graphs

Flexible and dynamic visual charts gathered from first-party data, user interactions, and advertising performance to provide 360-degree insights based on different contexts, so as not to miss any potential sales conversion opportunities.


Creating data-driven marketing solutions